Snow Day

In honor of the epic (from a Southerner’s perspective) amount of snow that is currently falling on us here in North Carolina, I thought I’d share a few photos Tim and I took yesterday while exploring the winter wonderland that is our backyard. I know, I KNOW, some of you are so tired of snow and cold weather – and I don’t blame you! I’d be tired of negative temperatures too! But here in NC we just can’t get enough of it right now (until the power goes out, that is). For now, we’re soaking up this day, the beautiful fluffy flakes falling out of the sky, and cozying up with our coffee and some delicious donuts I whipped up this morning. All the while working on a few wedding films we’ve got headed your way – cannot wait to share them!

I hope ya’ll are taking advantage of this day, wherever you might be! Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you – snow, rain, or sun – just breathe and be grateful.