What we're all about

The work we do is a lot less about creating perfect photographs, and a lot more about helping our couples enter more fully into their wedding day and into their own story.

There is something profoundly beautiful about a bride and groom who can let go of the last-minute details, embrace one another, soak up the wonder of their day, and be fully present with each other, with their friends and family, and with their guests.

Our goal is to help each couple slow down and truly savor their wedding day, to capture the day beautifully and authentically, and to give them photos that will help them retell their own story for years to come. Through all that we do, we invite our couples to enter in and live their story with more intention.

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About us

Asharae spends her free time cooking and writing for This Wild Season, playing in the dirt in their vegetable garden, and working on hand lettering projects (check out the book she recently co-authored and take a class with her through Skillpop!)

Tim is steadily becoming a coffee aficionado through his growing array of coffee-making accouterments and loyal subscription to Blue Bottle, and he wakes up early on the weekends to follow Arsenal, his favorite British football team.

Asharae and Tim are parents to one (not-so-tiny), adorable little boy and two rescue pups.

About the name

The word Grain comes from the imagery of a cross-section of a tree. If you’ve ever counted tree rings, you know that each ring represents one year in the life of the tree. By looking at the wood grain, you can tell when the tree experienced a year of heavy rainfall or drought, whether the tree endured a forest fire, and how many years the tree lived. In the same way that the wood grain tells the story of the tree, our work tells the story of each of our couples.

The word Compass represents a few things to us. A compass always points north, and it guides you on your path. We hope that in difficult times, our work goes beyond a simple photo. We hope the photographs of your day serve as a guide, a compass if you will, showing you which way is “north” and directing you back to one another. For us, Christ is our “north,” He is the one who guides us on our path. He is the reason we believe that relationship and story are more important than perfect photos.

Photo Credit: Alicia White Photography