Getting back to film. And a few updates.

This past year we started shooting film again for fun. I’d forgotten how much I missed it! I love the mystery of not really knowing how it’ll turn out, the anticipation of waiting for my prints to come back from the developer,  and the joy of seeing that they turned out better than I had hoped. Most of all, I love the realness of each image – the grain and the color, the beauty of a photo captured not on an electronic sensor, but on a piece of film, the light and the chemicals working together in a dance of science to produce a beautiful finished image. Just recently we got a few rolls of film back from Richard Photo Lab in California, and we were thrilled with the results. I had to share a few of the images we captured over this past year or so as we experimented with film again.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of many things for Tim and I, especially for being our “off season.” We’ve been chugging away on a few winter wedding films, working on a couple films for non-profits, attending workshops and traveling to see family and friends, doing some minor (and major) home renovations on the house we rent, Tim’s been taking online classes to finish his teaching certification in NC, and amidst all of this we’re trying to remember to take some time to breathe.

Our most recent big project is a food blog I launched called This Wild Season. I’m super excited about sharing what I’m learning in the kitchen and out, and having a more personal platform to share about our lives and all the ups and downs. I hope that This Wild Season will become a place to encourage others, whether it be to try new things in the kitchen, live fully in the present, or invite others into their homes and their lives – there’s so much to be learned in the places where our stories intersect with others.

Speaking of stories, Tim recently attended the Storytelling With Heart workshop put on by Stillmotion. It was an incredible experience and he’s still sort of processing all that he learned in the two-day experience. After the workshop Tim felt it was necessary to express his appreciation to the guys who led the second portion of the workshop in particular – it was a day of hands-on filming for a piece they’re compiling throughout the tour. He walked away from that day with a newfound excitement and passion for filmmaking and storytelling, so it was only appropriate that those guys know how inspiring they are to other filmmakers like ourselves. We were thrilled this weekend to see that Tim was actually quoted on the Story & Heart blog – you can read it under the first section here!

As we sit on the verge of our busy season starting up in a couple weeks, we feel so much excitement for what this year will hold. We’re working with some absolutely incredible couples who have the most beautiful and unique stories! We can’t wait to share them with you here! If you know anyone who’s tying the knot this year, send them our way – we’re currently booking 2014 and 2015 wedding stories! We’re looking for couples who are passionate about beautiful photography and videography, and those who want to let us into their lives so we can capture and share their stories with others.

All images captured with the Canon EOS 3, Sitacon RX-7, and Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S. Various Portra films, Kodak Tri-X 400, Ilford HP5 Plus 400, and Instax films used.