Lauren + Andrew // In their first home // Phoenix, Arizona

We just adore these two. Lauren and I were roommates in college and we got to visit her and her husband in Phoenix this summer. We had an amazing time exploring Phoenix with them for a few days and eating at all their favorite restaurants. We’re already trying to figure out the next time we can make it back to Arizona!

Lauren and Andrew are the kind of people that care deeply for those around them. They ask good questions and are passionately curious. The night before we did this photo shoot with them, they asked us about our business, our philosophy, why we do what we do, and where we find meaning in our work. Sometimes it’s hard to put words to those things, but we’re finding it more and more valuable as we continue on our entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes I feel that sharing all the “why” behind what we do with our couples will spoil the actual experience of being photographed – but now I realize I’m very wrong in that. As we shared with Lauren and Andrew, and they got more excited and enthusiastic for the work we do, Lauren exclaimed “I can’t wait for you guys to photograph us!”

Over the past several months, we’ve begun putting more words to the work that we do. We’ve been crafting a way of working with our couples that not only captures beautiful photos and video, but also creates an experience for them. The couples that are willing to trust us and let us do what we are passionate about end up with photos that reflect something beautiful, intimate, and I would even venture to say sacred. When we’re able to create an environment that draws our couples closer to one another, and they’re willing to come along for the adventure, that is when we know we’re doing exactly what we’re meant to.

Through the experience of sharing our “why” with Lauren and Andrew, and then photographing them the next day, we left feeling so encouraged and so right with everything we do. Between the laughter, the sweet tears, and the quiet intimate moments, Lauren and Andrew let us see them. They let their guards down and let us photograph them. The real them. What a rare gift. We are so grateful.