Sara + David // A Willow Oaks Plantation Wedding

Sara and David’s wedding day began with a swift change of plans to their “indoor rain plan” when the weather turned out to be misty, gray, and unseasonably cool for the middle of August in the South. It was the kind of day that makes you want to cozy up inside with your loved ones where it’s warm and dry. And that’s exactly what their day was. Their warm, cozy celebration couldn’t be dampened by the soggy weather outside. Imagine stepping back into another time, celebrating in front of a crackling fire with banjo, guitar, and fiddle to get the toes a-tappin.

Actually. Before you look at Sara and David’s photos, press play on the song below. Since The Creepers played at Sara and David’s ceremony and reception, we only felt it appropriate that their music should be the backdrop to this blog post. Better yet, open this link in a new window and play their songs as you enjoy Sara and David’s day. (Their album is free to download – you should take advantage of that!)

In the morning, Sara and David worked alongside one another and all their friends to haul chairs and tables across the property to move their ceremony and cocktail hour indoors. Sara stepped in right alongside her (wonderful!) wedding coordinator and helped decorate, hanging signs and bunting until it was time to get ready. Both Sara and David simply took the day as it came – even though rain was definitely not their first choice for wedding weather, they took it in stride and fully enjoyed the day anyway. Isn’t that what it should be about?

Sara and David were surrounded by family and friends who travelled from all over the world to join them in celebrating on their wedding day. These two are world travelers themselves, both having done Wheaton’s HNGR program which sends students on internships all over the world. We felt that Father Aaron Damiani summed them up so well when he said to them, “You have cultural courage. Both of you are willing to cross dangerous bridges into unknown lands to show love to unfamiliar people.” Such a beautiful picture of what these two are all about. Words don’t accurately express what a joy and an honor it was for Tim and I to be present in this wedding day, capturing the small moments like Sara’s sweet grandma making sure everyone ate lunch (including us!), to the beautiful, misty, mysterious nature of the day, to Sara and David’s first look where they took the time to simply be with one another and embrace each other.

And because I can’t write enough about this day, here’s a list of a few (more) of my favorite things.

– The rain stopped just long enough for us to be outside for David and Sara’s first look and photos with their bridal party.

– The mist caught up in Sara’s curls.

– The ring boxes that David bought especially for Sara – antiques shipped over from England and given to her when he proposed.

– And Sara’s jewelry – the necklace a gift from her parents, and the bracelet – one of the first Christmas gifts David gave her.

– Flower crowns. Duh.

– The landscape surrounding the Willow Oaks Plantation – something straight out of Pride and Prejudice.

– Sara’s dress with the subtle polkadots was one of my favorites. We can all laugh now about how hilariously complicated her bustle was though. You’ll understand when you see the photos.

– Sara’s whole family got up on stage with The Creepers and sang Wagon Wheel at the top of their lungs during the reception.

– The unbridled joy of everyone dancing and singing the night away, with complete disregard for the fact that many of them were soaked through from the rain.

– Sparkler Exit. In the pouring rain.

This day reminded us of every reason why we do what we do. Thank you Sara and David for being real and honest in front of the camera and for inviting us in to capture these moments for you.

Film shots done with Portra 400, Tri-X 400, and Fujifilm Instax.



Venue: Willow Oaks Plantation

Coordinator: Melissa Lewkowicz at Relish Design (We highly recommend her! She was such a joy to work alongside!)

Hair: Chakras Salon and Spa

Makeup: Bride

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Groom’s Suit: Zara

Flowers: Donna at The Garden Outlet in Summerfield, NC

Officiant: Father Aaron Damiani from Immanuel Anglican Chicago

Ceremony and Reception Musicians: The Creepers (Would hire these friends for every single event if we could. You should probably hire them. They’re the best.)

Catering: Layton’s Catering

Cake: Amy Gant with Vintage Hospitality

Desserts: Bride’s Aunts, Great-aunts, and Grandmothers

Cocktail Hour Popsicles: LocoPops in Raleigh

Videographer: Kwadwo Som-Pimpong – Check out his beautiful video of their day here!

Photographer: Grain & Compass